What are the Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs?

Nurses can earn good money.  They can also earn from home!  I have found 8 of the best telecommuting nursing jobs, along with requirements for education and experience.

The best telecommuting nursing jobs include: Nurse Consultant, RN Case Manager, Care Advisor, Telephone Triage Nurse, Nurse Auditor, Research Nurse, Medicare Reimbursement Specialist, and Clinical Documentation Specialist.

Some of these jobs require working with patients.  Others involve data analysis.  Read on to learn more about these roles!

Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs

I have split the best telecommuting nursing jobs into three categories:

  1. Work with Patients
  2. Insurance Company Jobs
  3. Hospital Jobs

I have included information on requirements for education and experience.  Pay varies, depending on company, location, experience, and education.  Thus, I have not included pay information.

Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs – Work with Patients

In these jobs, you work with patients daily.  Do you love building rapport with patients?  One of these jobs may match your work style!

  • Nurse Consultant

Education & Experience: RN, 2+ years

Description: These roles vary.  For example, you might work as a maternal and child health nurse consultant.  In this role, you work with mothers (prenatal and postpartum).  You would teach them about nutrition, exercise, and childbirth.  In addition, you would answer questions and provide advice for mothers.

You might find a nurse consultant role with the government or an insurer.  Good communication skills will help you to succeed in this role.  Relating to your patients also helps.  Think back to our maternal health example.  It would be great if you have experience with newborns!

  • RN Case Manager

Education & Experience: RN, 3+ years

Description: In this role, you will diagnose illnesses and make treatment plans.  You also work closely with physicians and specialists.  In addition, you will educate patients on to maintaining good health.  Finally, you will maintain accurate records and facilitate referrals as needed.  Leadership and communication skills will help you to shine in this role.

  • Care Advisor / Care Coordinator

Education & Experience: RN, 3+ years

Description: In this role, you will assess patients and treatments based on target outcomes.  You will also make sure that the patient progresses towards goals for recovery.  This role also involves interacting with the patient and caregiver.  Finally, you must accurately record patient information.    This role requires attention to detail.

  • Telephone Triage Nurse

Education & Experience: RN or LPN & 1-2 years

Description: First, you should work well under pressure!  People will often call in a panic, worried that a condition is life-threatening.  You also need to have a calm demeanor.  This helps to reassure patients and convince them to follow advice.

In addition, you need to pay attention to detail, so that you can document symptoms and complaints.  Finally, you should have organizational skills, to coordinate same-day appointments as necessary.  If you thrive on excitement, this role might work for you.

Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs – Insurance Company Jobs

In these jobs, you work at an insurance company.  You will have less chance to talk to patients.  However, you can reduce waste and fraud in healthcare.  With costs soaring, these jobs end up helping everyone!

  • Clinical Reviewer / Nurse Auditor / Nurse Investigator

Education & Experience: RN & 3+ years

Description:  You can be the Magnum P.I. of nursing!  You will detect and investigate fraud, using medical and coding knowledge.  In addition, you will analyze data, review documents, and interview witnesses.  You will also review health claims and level of payment to determine their validity.  At times, you will decide if a treatment is necessary.

You might also provide guidance to staff members or care providers.  Finally, you may act as a liaison to federal, state, or local law enforcement.  This might happen if the fraud case goes to trial.  Maybe you work as a nurse, but dreamed of being a lawyer.  Perhaps you like watching people get their due on Law and Order.  Either way, you might love this job!

  • Research Nurse

Education & Experience: RN & 5+ years

Description: In this role, you support a research study.  For example, you might work on a team to conduct a study on football players.  The goal might be to learn about concussions and brain damage.  You would collaborate with physicians and nurses involved in the study.

In addition, you would work with participants and follow up to provide advice.  You might also need to create clinical or financial reports for the study sponsors or lead researchers.  This role requires some patient interaction.  Data collection and analysis takes a primary role.

  • Medicare Reimbursement Specialist

Education & Experience: RN & 5+ years

Description: You will conduct Medicare auditing and system review.  You will also ensure coding accuracy.  In addition, you may facilitate training for other team members.  Finally, you will manage denials and support appeals.  Medicare costs seem to increase every year.  This role can help to stem increases due to unnecessary treatments.

Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs – Hospital Jobs

These roles involve working for a hospital.  They involve working with information and documentation.

  • Clinical Documentation Specialist

Education & Experience: RN/BSN, Coding (CPC, CCS, RHIT, RHIA) & 3-5 years

Description: In this role, you will audit for coding quality and clinical documentation requirements.  You will also educate providers on documentation.  In addition, you will review provider documentation to ensure compliance.  Thus, you need strong knowledge of federal and state laws.  You also need to know 3rd party billing requirements.

Requirements for the Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs

The best telecommuting nursing jobs require secondary education.  This means an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s Degree.  These jobs also require some experience.  Often, you will need at least 3 years of experience as a nurse.


The best telecommuting nursing jobs require an RN or LPN degree.  If you already work as a nurse, you know what this means.  If you want to learn about the different designations, you came to the right place!

  • An LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse, works under the supervision of an RN or Physician.  In Texas and California, these nurses may have the name LVN, or Licensed Vocational Nurse.
  • An RN, or Registered Nurse, has graduated from a nursing program and meets state requirements for a nursing license.  Generally, an RN has a minimum number of practice hours and maintains continuing education.  An RN has at least an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and has completed the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure.  Some hospitals require a BSN degree, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, even for entry level positions.
  • An NP, or Nurse Practitioner, first earns a BSN and earns licensure as an RN.  Next, he gains experience in the RN role.  Then, he graduates from an MSN (Mater of Science in Nursing) or a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program.  Later, the NP passes a national board certifying exam.  Finally, the NP applies for other credentials at the state level.  An NP also maintains a number of practice hours and continuing education credits.


The best telecommuting nursing jobs require some experience.  If you already have nursing experience, then you might qualify for one of these jobs.  If you have recently earned your designation, you might not find a telecommuting job right away.

In this case, decide which type of telecommuting roles you would like to find.  Then, talk to people who have the jobs on your list.  Shadow them in the job for a day or more.  That way, you will know if you like the job!  Then, work a few years to gain the experience you need.

Many companies will only allow you to telecommute after you have some experience with the company.  The reason: they want you to learn their specific policies and procedures.  Thus, you should try to get your experience at the company where you want to telecommute!

Companies that Offer the Best Telecommuting Nursing Jobs

Hospitals offer some of the best telecommuting nursing jobs.  These jobs allow you to interact with patients daily.  Many insurance companies offer jobs that allow telecommuting.   Examples include Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Health Group.  These insurance jobs will involve less patient interaction.

You might also find telecommuting jobs with prescription drug providers like CVS or Express Scripts.  Of course, you can always ask your current employer for a part-time telecommuting option, and see how it evolves!

Another big employer of nurses is the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs).

The VA provides many benefits to current and former military service members.  This includes medical care, which means that they need lots of nurses!  Since veterans come from all over the U.S., the opportunity may exist to telecommute for some of these jobs.

If you have certain expertise, your chances of finding a telecommuting job will improve.  For example, telecommuting can ensure that remote patients with rare diseases receive the care they need.


The best telecommuting nursing jobs will vary quite a bit in terms of patient interaction.  In addition to requirements for education and experience, you will need to consider pay for various positions.

You should also consider whether telecommuting will work for you – check out my article on telecommuting to help you decide.  I hope this provides some insight into the best telecommuting nursing jobs.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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